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10% di sconto per i nuovi ordini!【Codice:pecute10】

Pecute Pet Heating Pad Cloth Cover Portable

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  • 🐾【Perfect Fit for Pecute Backpack】The heating pad cover is designed for the bottom of the Pecute pet carrier backpack. Simply remove the original pad's hardboard from the backpack and insert it into the heating pad cover. This heating pad will provide a constant temperature of 45-50°C (113-131°F) for your furry friend.
  • 🐾【3 Adjustable Temperatures and Timer】Easy-to-use button settings. 3 temperature options: H- 55°C, M- 50°C, L- 45°C. 3 timer options: 2H- 2 hours, 1H- 1 hour, 0H- continuously. The default setting is 0H and the lowest temperature. Note: Pets perceive temperature differently from humans, so when the temperature is suitable for your pet, you may not feel the heat of the mat.
  • 🐾【Portable USB Charging】One end of the cable is a Type-C connector, which connects to the cover, and the other end is a universal USB connector that can be plugged into a power bank, car charger, or wall adapter (5V low voltage). A 10,000mAh power bank can provide 5 hours of heating time on the lowest temperature setting. Perfect for both long and short trips.
  • 🐾【High Quality and Durable】The cover is made of soft flannel fabric, skin-friendly and comfortable, and can be directly washed in a washing machine. The cable on the cover is a thick anti-bite cable, effectively preventing pets from chewing and ensuring safety during use. No need to worry about leakage. (Make sure the cover is completely dry before use after washing)
  • 🐾【Package Includes】1 heating pad cover (33* 25 cm/12.9* 9.8 inches); 1 USB connector cable (1.7 m/66.9 inches) with control panel; Note: This product is only a heating pad cover, filling board is not included.


Note: This product is a heated cloth cover and does not include a filler panel.


——Not worrying about the cold outdoors

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Pecute Pet Heating Pad Cloth Cover Portable