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10% Off For New Orders!【Code:pecute10】
10% Off For New Orders!【Code:pecute10】

Pecute Stainless Steel Cat Nail Clippers

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$11.99 - $11.99
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Color: Black+Green

Package Dimensions ‎16.3 x 8.9 x 0.9 cm
UPC 701599602292
Colour ‎Grey+Yellow
Size ‎1 Count (Pack of 1)
Quantity ‎1
Special features ‎Anti-Slip, Easy to Use, Durable
Item Weight ‎30g

  • Professional Designed for Regular Trimming of Pet Nails
  • Ideal for Cats, Puppies and Small Animals Like Rabbits
  • Sharp Stainless Steel Blades for Safe and Easy Cut
  • Angled blade allows you to see the cat's nail before you cut, making the process of trimming safer
  • Rubber Coated Handle for Comfortable Grip

If you have a cat, you know that cutting and trimming their nails is quite the task. Getting your feline friend to stay still is half the battle, let alone getting their nails properly trimmed. What if I told you having one of the best cat nail clippers can make the job much easier?

Premium Quality:high quality stainless steel blades
Safety First:a unique angled blade for safe and accurate cut
Ergonomic & Easy To Use: easy grip non-slip handles


Be sure you know where the quick is before you attempt to cut the nail —— the quick will look like a small, pinkish triangle inside the nail.

Be very careful not to cut too far back and hit the quick. It is very painful for the cat.

How to Trim a Cat’s Nails by Yourself:

  • Collect your cat and place it in the “nail-trimming position,” with its rear on your lap and its back towards you.
  • Gently squeeze the top and bottom of your cat’s paw, on the joint just behind the claw to extend the claw.
  • Find the place where the nail separates from the quick.
  • Cut the nails with the trimmers.
  • Give your cat a treat.
  • Check your cat's nails regularly.
Original Nail Filer,White Original Nail Filer,Black Large Nail Filer,White Large Nail Filer,Black
Battery 600mAh Lithium Battery 600mAh Lithium Battery 1800mAh Lithium Polymer Battery 1800mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Charging Time 1 Hour 1 Hour 2 Hours 2 Hours
Working Time 4 Hours 4 Hours 14 Hours 14 Hours
Suitable Types Small to Medium Nails Small to Medium Nails Medium to Large Hard Nails Medium to Large Hard Nails
  • 12-month warranty for quality-related issues

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Pecute Stainless Steel Cat Nail Clippers